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(Nuri Hazzard Verse)
I done seen a lot come, I done seen a lot go
I done seen some real niggas gettin money from the door
I done seen some lame niggas fuck around and break the code
One thing I know for sho is ya'll aint fuckin wit my bros
You can catch them niggas posin like life a photo
Not my nubis we on duty dog my breed is thorough
Through the thick and thin we representin like a logo
You already know though shit is butter dog we so risotto
I'm like Boss grab the lumber time to crucify these lucifers
A noose for the medusas and a ruger for the judases
Its ludicrous these dudes is really thinking they could do this shit
Get my back I got your back we show em how we do this shit
(Uh) Nigga what's a setback when ya set tight you could sit tight
Play your role right cuz your bros right there nigga no slack
Straight like that matter factI'm a wolf this a pack


released October 7, 2015




Nuri Hazzard New York

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